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  • Feeding for cognition: Nutritional support for the aging canine brain

    As dogs age and head into their senior years, just like elderly people, there are dietary changes that can help their brains to function at optimal levels and keep cognitive dysfunction in your dog at bay. Your older dog’s diet drastically influences their behavior and cognitive function.

  • 7 Scientifically backed super seeds for your dogs health

    We want our fur babies to be as healthy as possible and super seeds are here to help you towards that goal. If you are looking for something natural that is backed by scientific research to add to your dogs meals that will help with digestion, improve the look of the fur, and other provide health benefits then look no

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  • 18 of the best flours to use in your homemade dog treats

    Want to start making your dog homemade dog treats but aren’t sure where to begin? If you have a dog treat recipe that calls for flour start here with the best flours to use in your homemade dog treats!

    The best flours to use in your dog’s food are going to be heavily dependent upon your dog’s specific needs. Does your dog do

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